The mission of Embrace Your Heart Inc. is driven by the desire to connect individuals to their innate wisdom to heal, compassion to act, and resilience to empower not only themselves, but the wider world to find Joy, Love and Thrive.

align to your heart’s embrace to INSPIRE YOUR BEST SELF

Striving to excel in our professional endeavors while fulfilling social and family responsibilities, can take a toll on our emotional, mental and physical well – being.


The challenges and obstacles that arise cause us to question:

How can I control my emotions and negative thoughts?
Why do I avoid conflicts?
Why do I internalize constructive feedback as criticism?
How can I manage stress and pressure in my career and personal life?

For more than a decade, as a certified Mindful Somatic Practitioner, I have been coaching women to find answers to these questions by using my extensive training and experience in breathwork, meditation, subtle energy, anatomy & movement, and guiding them through
Transformational Journeys of Self Discovery!

For at least three years, I have a been working with Vickey and was fortunate to attend one of her Transformational Coaching Retreats..Through my practice, I’ve noticed I am moving from self-consciousness toward self-awareness. Such revelations and insights into mind, relationships, and daily living sometimes feel “mind-blowing,” and yet, at the same time, extremely practical, and give me strategies to show up as my self.
Gerald Harmon

Founder, Vickey Zapelli

As a young adult I would sabotage my momentum, my ideas, my ambitions, my voice, and my dreams without having any understanding of why I was doing it! My early experiences of a woman’s role in the home society, and work were formed by caretakers, culture, social norms, and personal experiences. I would experience stress, when how I felt and what I wanted conflicted with what was expected, leaving me often feeling anxious and frustrated. Over time these unprocessed emotions began to impact my health. As I began to study how thoughts are stored in the body as emotions and eventually form our perceptions, it became clear that the key to healing needed to start with reprogramming these deeply embedded patterns and behaviors in order to fully live life aligned to my heart’s desires. Becoming skilled in mindful somatic practices enabled me to leveraged my mind and body as a source of intelligence and power in ways that directly impacted my ability to act with agency, develop my voice in order to handle challenges with compassion and dignity while building my resilience to deal when ambiguity, complexities, or power dynamics would arise. I knew that the quality of my life depended on the quality of my emotions.


As women we often feel that we are constantly in an arena of having to prove that we are worthy to have a seat at the table. This often results in becoming people pleasers, playing small, or imposter syndrome. While unconscious bias, culture and societal expectations will always linger, it is up to us to finally embrace our authentic truth; we are deserving, worthy, whole, and complete. This shift would give us the empowerment to address situations with confidence and resilience.


To help us cope with the challenges and obstacles we uniquely encounter, mindfulness somatic practices that are woven into my coaching and guided journeys, offer us a roadmap to powerfully experience the interaction of mind, body, and spirit by connecting and listening to our inner landscape. When we take a moment to pause, breathe, feel, move, and observe without any comments from our inner critic we readily able to think more clearly and creatively find solutions to coping with whatever arises. When we nurture this deep insight into our embodied, largely unconscious patterns of perception, emotions, and actions it results in creating the story of how YOU want to be seen, heard, and lead in your life. As women, we leverage our mind, body, and spirit with intention we can explore and reclaim our power and cultivate a sense of strength, confidence and agency to attract more of what we need, want and deserve.

Remember that you are a miracle in motion. There is only one
YOU and the world needs your unique skills and talents. Taking
time to stay aligned to these truths are essential to your well
being. So always prioritize YOU!

As YOUR mindful somatic coach and transformational guide I
am your accountability partner who helps to nurture the
unfolding of self from an open minded, safe and non
judgemental place. I see your inner wisdom and strengths and
trust your capabilities and resourcefulness.

At the end of your journey you unleash a unique and authentic
story of YOU, rooted in the knowing that you are worthy, fearless
and unstoppable!

Although, I was disappointed that our Columbia Retreat was cancelled due to Covid, Vickey created a virtual retreat that contained all of her curated practices that helped me take what could have been a terrible time to be one of most incredible time. For me these practices helped me navigate uncertainty with confidence. She kept us accountable , her support and guidance unwavering, her ability to see opportunities in challenges and how each of us have everything we need to overcome our obstacles was just the light I needed. It was in these empowering coaching sessions that I made a decisive move to develop my Yoga Business where I freelance all over the world. Being a middle school english teacher gave me the skills but Vickey reminded me that I had the wings.
Trevor Blackman

Are YOU ready to tap into your full potential & rewrite the story
of YOU?

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